Washington, MO

Interested In A Career With Valent Aerostructures

Valent Aerostructures welcomes applications from serious candidates with the right work ethic and experience. The company prides itself on hiring the best of the best, including the most talented engineers, machinists, inspectors and programmers. Employees at Valent are highly valued, highly trained and highly rewarded for superior performance and productivity. If interested and qualified, we encourage you to please submit your resume.

Final Quality Inspector/Shipping 2nd Shift

Washington, MO

Final Quality Inspection/Shipping – Second Shift


Being flexible, paying attention to detail, and having a sense of urgency is key to success in this position. Tasks included are listed below.

QA Final Inspection

Packing/organizing inventory

Pulling shipments/making shipments

Part marking

CNC Machinist III

Washington, MO

CNC Machinist III will be expected to be very proficient in all categories related of a Level I and Level II Machinist. They are responsible to come up  new ideas to  improve processes, and help train others to get them up to speed to be effective machinists.

CNC Machinist II

Washington, MO

CNC Machinist II will be expected to be proficient in all categories related in level I. In addition, they should have the ability to setup and run production on any piece of equipment in the shop. At this level the machinist will be capable of running multiple machines if time allows, while keeping up with all blending and deburring of parts. They will have understanding of work holding devices and CNC tooling.

CNC Machinist I

Washington, MO

CNC Machinist I will be expected to run production on CNC machining centers, deburr and blend machined parts and perform in-process inspection of machined parts to verify conformance to customer requirements.


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